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Sample Preparation Unit

Sample Preparation Unit <TEST>

Sample Preparation Unit <TEST>


The Sample Preparation Unit <TEST> is intended for selection and preparation of samples of water and steam heat medium prior to its delivery to the automated water-and-chemistry conditions control units installed in the water-steam circuit of thermal and atomic power stations.

The SPU <TEST> provides for water (steam) sample cooling down to 40º С; pressure reduction down to 0.2 MPa; and, sample distribution to 5 output channels (4 – for units, and, 1 – for manual selection). The SPU features the system of double protection (electrical and mechanical) against sample pressure and/or temperature excess.

The SPU <TEST> provides for measurement of temperature, pressure, and consumption of sample, as well as signaling when such parameters exceed the preset limits.



Double protection against sample temperature excess:

Electrical (light signaling on Control Unit front panel and switching of appropriate relay contacts);

Mechanical (inbuilt temperature limiter cuts sample flow via sensors upon exceeding specified temperature point);

Double protection against sample pressure excess:

Electrical (light signaling on Control Unit front panel and switching of appropriate relay contacts);

Mechanical (excessive pressure is reset via safety valve);

All elements coming in contact with water are made of stainless steel or PVC;

The Control Unit of the SPU may feature up to 4 galvanically decoupled analog inputs of 4-20 mA, that may accept units featuring standard current output of 4-20 mA;

The Control Unit of the SPU ensures supply of 2 independent, tunable, galvanically decoupled, standard current signals of 0-5 mA (at load of up to 2 kOhm), or, 4-20 mA (at load of up to 500 Ohm);

The Control Unit of the SPU may feature up to 6 tunable signaling thresholds with relay output;

Presence of RS232/RS485 digital output supporting the MODBUS-RTU protocol;

The construction of an ACS TC (Automatic Control System for Technological Processes) for water-chemistry conditions of boiler using the SPU <TEST> ensures considerable reduction of expenses on procurement of control instrumentation and software.



No. of input channels


No. of output channels to units


No. of output channels for manual selection


Sample consumption

Up to 100 l/h

Cooling water consumption:

Up to 2000 l/h

Cooling water temperature

25 ºС max

Characteristics of sample at input:

- Temperature

- Temperature (with one auxiliary refrigerator)

- Temperature (with two auxiliary refrigerators)

- Pressure


Up to 180 ºС

Up to 360 ºС

Up to 560 ºС

Up to 32 MPa

Characteristics of sample at output:

- Temperature

- Pressure


Up to 40 ºС

Up to 0.2 MPa

Material of connecting tubes

Power requirements

Overall dimensions

Steel 12Х18Н10Т

220 V, 50 Hz, or, 24 V 50 Hz

2100х554х350 mm





Presented below is the electrohydraulic diagram of the SPU <TEST> and automatic chemical control units. The number of refrigerators ХВ-1СР is selected depending in temperature of heat medium sample. Variation of heat medium sample pressure may require replacement of choke for valve. The number and type of units are selected depending on point of control.

1 2 3 4  5 6 7 8

 9 10 11 12 13 14

Electrohydraulic diagram of the SPU <TEST> and automatic chemical control units

Legends and abbreviations

1 - Input; 2 - Choke; 3 – Cooling water; 4 – Digital rotameter; 5 – Temperature limiter; 6 – Conductivity meter; 7 – Contact pressure gauge; 8 – Control unit; 9 – ACC (Automatic Chemical Control) unit; 10 –Manual selection; 11 - ACC unit; 12 - ACC unit; 13 - ACC unit; 14 – To drain.