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Thursday 23rd of August 2012 20:42
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Conductivity meter (TDS meter) "КВА 4"

Фирма ИЦПК с июля 2002г

Conductivity meter (TDS meter) “КВА 4”


The conductivity meter is intended for measurement of specific conductance and salinity of water solutions.

Conductivity meter is used in chemical water treatment workshops of Heat-and-Power Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Hydroelectric Power Stations, Atomic Power Stations (steam condensate, boiler house, feed water); in electronic (crystal wash-off), pharmaceutical (water treatment for medicine production), and other sectors of industry.


Conductivity meters come in one- and two-channel versions.

The one-channel unit includes: primary transducer (PT) (1), preliminary electronic amplifier (PEA) (1), and one-channel measuring transducer (MT) (1).

The two-channel unit includes: primary transducer (2), preliminary electronic amplifier (2), and one-channel measuring transducer (2).



          Inbuilt temperature compensation;

          Analog (0-5 or 4-20 mA) output signal;

          Standard digital output RS-485 may be installed;

          Up to 8 signaling thresholds (for conductivity and temperature);

          Setting of signaling thresholds and indication modes can be done by user via keyboard and menu on measuring transducer;

          Two signaling thresholds can be set as per difference in two sensors’ readings;

          Salinity measurement from 0.05 mg/l to 10 g/l (depending on sensor measurement range);

          Two-digit LCD alphanumeric display.

          Independent measurement for channels;

          New generation of conductivity meters “КВА 4” ensure complete replacement for units “КВА 4”, “СКВ 3”, and “СКВ 3-10”;

          The unit “КВА 4” with sensor Д2 replace conductivity meters “АК 310” formerly procured from the Leninakansk plant. Connecting dimensions of the two sensors are identical.



 PT View

PT Type

Basic measured mediums

Line connection

Max pressure

Overall dimensions, mm

Measurement range *

µcm/cm (mg/l)


Flow-type sensor, Dn 12 mm

Steam condensate, desalted feed water

Thread ¾″, metal tubes

0.6 MPa


0,1-1-10-100 (0,05-0,5-5-50)


Flow-type sensor, Dn 12 mm

Boiler feed water

Thread М18х1, metal tubes

0.6 MPa


0,1-1-10-100 (0,05-0,5-5-50)


Flow-type sensor, Dn 12 mm

Boiler feed water

Flange connection

0.4 MPa


1-10-100-1000-10000-20000 (0,5-5-50-500-5000-10000)


Flow-type sensor, Dn 6 mm

Desalted and feed water

Sleeve, polymer tubes

0.4 MPa


0,04-0,1-1-10 (0,01-0,05-0,5-5)


* 1 µcm/m = 0.01 µcm/cm, 1 mcm/m = 1000 µcm/m

Measurement ranges are 10-tuple (e.g. 10-100-1000-10000 or 20-200-2000-20000)

Maximum number of ranges per one sensor - 3

Measurement range of sensor Д3 may be expanded

Sensor type is selected in the order for manufacture depending on measurement range.